The Brand

  • Our Processes

    One of the great flags of Kashii as a brand is slow fashion since it is committed to responsible consumption of clothing, prioritizing the quality and durability of the garments, as well as respect for the labor rights of the people who put their grain of sand so that we are what we are.

    Our processes are 100% handmade, trying to leave a green footprint on the planet.

  • Our Artisans

    At Kashii we exalt who really makes the development of each design possible; the artisans, who have maintained and transmitted an ancestral tradition for decades, positioning it as the best-known craft in Colombia.

    That is why our production centers are located in our own territory, in Uribia La Guajira, because we want to show their ability to transform that legacy into unique pieces with a sustainable awareness while maintaining the certainty that luxury can be created within that arid and desert environment full of culture.