Playa Arcoiris

From Uribia, La Guajira, Colombia. We present our most recent creation “Playa Arcoíris' ' With this collection we are committed to creating pieces that adapt to different occasions of use and that can be used under the concept of resortwear.

The wide silhouettes are a reflection of the daily life and freshness of the Wayuu ethnic group. All the garments are made with satin silk whose signature print refers to phrases inspired by wayuunaki, which immediately became synonymous with exclusivity, class and sophistication.

Each garment reflects the essence of our artisans and that is why the collection also includes luxury backpacks with scarves made in partnership with the BOLSCH brand, which produces plastic-based silk in order to create sustainable luxury.

The harmony in its color palette is a direct reference for the elaboration of this versatile collection inspired by a corner of Cabo de La Vela where the clash of the rocks with the waves of the sea converge to form a rainbow, making an allegory of how the hands tough but strong they take thread and needle to create wonderful fabrics.